About Us

Sharron Myers has been a Worship Leader and Bible Teacher as well as a Counselor for many, many years. Setting up this โ€œChristian Praise Blogโ€ is a natural result of her lifestyle. It is because of her love of music and love for the Lord that she spends her time teaching others the importance of Christian Praise and Worship.


Welcome to the Christian Praise Blog


I am Sharron Myers, the author and webmaster of The Christian Praise Blog.

About Me:

I have been teaching Spiritual and Christian values since 1972 and I was one of six people who started a church in our hometown in 1981 which is still going well in 2011.

I became the Christian Praise and Worship Leader there for many, many years and then moved on to a few other churches. I found myself teaching and being worship leader there also.

Presently, I am back at the church that we had started here in my hometown and I am helping the Worship leader here by leading in Christian Praise and Worship every 2nd week or more if needed.

My greatest joy is leading people into the throne room of our wonderful creator and to bask in His glory as we magnify His name together.

My desire is that through this site, you will be able to learn to praise and worship the Lord with all of your heart, soul and spirit.

May the Lord bless you all.


To Contact Sharron you can email her at: Christianpraise@gmail.com, or use the Contact Form on the contact page.